a little lesson

Thursday, April 12, 2012

so the giveaway ended last night with well over 1,000 entries. . .
can i just say how awesome you all are!
the winner will be announced here on the blog on
friday this week.
so, while we wait i thought this would be a fun little exercise. . .
you know when you come up with something in your head it sound perfectly normal and easy right? well, that's how i felt about {knotieties} . . . until i had a couple (well, boys) pronounce it in all kinds of interesting ways.
so here are just a couple funny one's i've heard:
knot- t-tease
so, to make it super ease (for the boys out there, wink-wink)
i have made this little diagram...

happy thursday everyone & remember to follow
{knotieties} (knot-E-ties) . . . hehehe
here on the blog and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/knotieties


  1. Guilty! I know ther's the 'tie' in the end, but I keep reading it as 'knot-tees.'

  2. I knew it! LOL my aunt keeps calling them "Knot-Ties" and I keep having to explain that "I think it's knot-e-ties"...so glad I was right! <3



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